Hard working, professional hands are always at risk. A split-second distraction can turn a days work into a disaster. Worldwide Protective Products offers an extensive line of safety gloves providing unmatched personal protection for your workforce.

Industrial Cut Resistant Gloves

Worldwide Protective Products core brands include ATA®, ATA® Hideaway™, ATA® Preventwear™ and Claw Cover™. Our products represent the core values of Worldwide's uncompromising commitment to safe guarding your workers' most vital asset. Our brands are committed to providing you the confidence to carry out any job knowing you are protected with the safest products available in the market today,  

Featured Products

PIONIR-ATA13 Winter Work Gloves

New: Gloves That Heat Up!

Introducing PioNIR gloves: Cold weather work gloves that actually heat up as much as 18 degrees warmer without the use ...

PIONIR-ATA10-PD1 Winter Work Gloves

New: Gloves That Heat Up!


Get extra warmth plus gripping power in these amazing new heat-producing gloves. PioNIR gloves heat up as ...


New ATA® ULTRA Gloves

Delivering an unbeatable lifetime value among 7 gauge knit gloves, thanks to ANSI A4 cut resistance plus heavy ...


New ATA® ULTRA Gloves

Count on formidable ANSI A6 cut resistance from heavy duty MATA-ULTRAHVO7A knit gloves. Plus the abrasion resistance ...


New ATA® ULTRA Gloves

For ANSI A4 cut resistance plus the dexterity and fingertip sensitivity many tasks demand, turn to new MATA-ULTRAHVO13A ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Exceptional cut level and wear life. Scores a formidable ANSI A5 cut resistance! Yet the new MSULTRAHVO2 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Substantial durability plus moisture-wicking comfort. This comfortable, 2-ply sleeve delivers ANSI level A4 cut ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Parabolic sleeve features tremendous comfort and cut protection. Start with ANSI A4 cut resistance with the MSX5ULTRAHVO ...