Food Processing->Cut Resistant Gloves

Claw Cover® C1 Food Glove

Outstanding dexterity and protection. ANSI level A4 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C1 food processing glove is the ideal choice for knife hand use. It’s a fine, ultra light weight knit ...

Claw Cover® C2 Food Glove

A versatile choice for knife hand or off hand use. ANSI A5 cut protection. The Claw Cover® C2 food glove is a good solution for food processing where some ...

Claw Cover C3 Food Glove

Significant cut & abrasion resistance. ANSI level A6. The Claw Cover C3 food processing glove is a 10 gauge high-performance synthetic fiber ...

Claw Cover® C4 Food Glove

Comfort and heft many workers prefer. ANSI level A6 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C4 food glove is a heavy duty choice that feels great on the hand. The ...

Claw Cover™ - Huey

The Claw Cover® Huey is a 7 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend glove that offers maximum protection in a heavy weight design. ...

Claw Cover C6 Food Glove

First class cut protection in a high performance food glove. ANSI level A6 cut resistance. Designed to protect the off hand, the Claw Cover

Claw Cover® C5CMX Food Glove

Scoring ANSI level A6 for cut resistance, the Claw Cover® C5CMX food processing glove protects the off hand against the cut hazards typically seen in the food processing industry. Blending high-performance ...