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Gloves made with DuPont Kevlar® — Protection at Work

For thousands of workers in the aerospace, electronics, metal fabrication, oil and gas, glass handling, and automotive industries, the most crucial thing in the world is safety.


Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves 

Most industrial accidents can be avoided. But when workers do get in harm’s way, Kevlar® Cut Protection can make all the difference. Innovative Kevlar work gloves made with Kevlar® fiber help to protect them for the job at hand. Kevlar cut resistant gloves are extraordinarily strong, lightweight, and resistant to both cuts and abrasions, helping those who rely on Kevlar to get through the task without incident. Broken glass, metal shards, razor sharp machinery – lightweight Kevlar gloves from Worldwide Protective Products are a trusted solution. 

Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves

Unlike nylon, polyester and polyethylene, gloves and sleeves made with Kevlar® fiber are inherently flame resistant so they won’t burn, support combustion or melt – making them a smart choice for those who encounter high levels of heat on the job. Worldwide Protective Products manufactures Kevlar heat resistant gloves in a number of styles.




Style # MK40-100 are heavy weight, 100% Dupont brand Kevlar® fiber knit gloves. Manufactured in a 7 gauge design, these knit gloves are widely used in steel and metal manufacturing plants ...


Style # MK40-PD1-100 are heavy weight, 100% Dupont brand Kevlar® fiber knit gloves with a PVC dot pattern on the palm sides. Manufactured in a 7 gauge design, these Kevlar cut resistant gloves ...


Worldwide Protective Products MK30-100 knit gloves are standard weight, 100% Kevar® fiber knit gloves. The 7-gauge style delivers ANSI level 3 protection ...


Worldwide Protective Products MK30-100 glove is a standard weight, 100% Kevar® fiber knit glove. This 7-gauge knit ...

MATAKV/BK40 ATA Kevlar Gloves

Typically to protect workers' hands with ANSI Level A6 cut resistance, it takes a glove with steel-based yarn. By introducing Kevlar® fiber to our proprietary ...