PioNIR™ Winter Work Gloves

Breakthrough defense against working in the cold

Imagine warm work gloves that actually get warmer – as much as 18 degrees warmer – without the use of bulky batteries or heat packs. Introducing ATA® brand PioNIR gloves. The first cold weather work gloves that actually warm your hands through the power of near infrared (NIR) technology.

They go one better than any ordinary thermal gloves or winter work gloves. The unique fiber we knit into PioNIR gloves absorbs near infrared rays (NIR) from the Sun and certain indoor lighting, and converts the energy into heat. So the gloves increase in temperature by as much as 18 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll feel a noticeable difference in the warmth. PioNIR gloves also hold the heat. We’ve used the hollow core fiber design that ordinary thermal work gloves use for excellent insulation.

They’re also cut resistant gloves. You get protection from cuts and abrasions that ordinary thermal gloves don’t have. Choose medium weight 10 gauge for ANSI level A3 cut resistance, or light weight 13 gauge for an A2 cut level.

Long wear life, too. PioNIR gloves can be laundered to last for multiple work cycles – the NIR technology lasts for the life of the glove. PioNIR cut resistant, warm work gloves are made in the USA by Worldwide Protective Products.

PIONIR-ATA13 Winter Work Gloves

Introducing PioNIR gloves: Cold weather work gloves that actually heat up as much as 18 degrees warmer without the use of heat packs or batteries.

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PIONIR-ATA10 Winter Work Gloves

Now cold work doesn’t have to mean cold hands. Introducing PioNIR gloves: With the power to warm your hands using near infrared (NIR) technology.

PIONIR-ATA10-PD1 Winter Work Gloves

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PIONIR-ATA10-PD2 Winter Work Gloves

With public utility and construction workers in mind, we added grip dots to both sides of our amazing new PioNIR gloves to bring you the best winter work gloves.

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