Tactile sensitivity plus gripping power. ANSI level A5 cut resistance. For the Tasset® 973, we start with a light weight, fine gauge knit so you can feel your fingers and use them with skill. Then add a sanded nitrile dip to the palm to give you a better grip, especially useful when you grab something wet or oily. Made with high performance polyethylene (HPPE), this glove delivers ANSI level A5 protection against cuts and abrasions. The 973 is especially popular in the Construction industry as well as these applications: General labor, Metal fabrication, Automotive, Glass handling, Aerospace, Appliance manufacturing, Plastics and molding, Pulp and paper, Package handling, Small parts assembly.


13 gauge design
Light Weight
UHMWPE cut resistant fibers
Black sanded finish nitrile dip
Made with ATA® Technology
Seamless Knit
CE rated


Maximum dexterity and sensitivity
High level abrasion resistance
Excellent wet/dry gripping surface
Machine washable
Cool and breathable


Metal fabrication
Glass handling
Paper manufacturing
Public utilities
Appliance manufacturing
Plastics and molding
Pulp and paper
General labor
Package handling
Any small parts assembly


Gauge 13
Product Composition ATA® - Dipped
Performance Application Cut Resistant Specialty Coated Clove
ANSI Cut Rating Level A5
Case Pack 144 pr. / case
Color Gray/Black