MS1ATA2X2.5 Stretch Sleeve

Not too tight, not too hot. ANSI level A4 cut protection. The guy in this photo is a champion power lifter. We’re talking huge arms. But thanks to this extreme stretch sleeve, it fits. Thanks to Worldwide’s exclusive ATA® technology, it also gives you ANSI level A4 protection in a sleeve so thin you can almost see through it. So your arm stays nice and cool. Great for guys running wire through walls, past HVAC equipment, metal studs and other razor sharp edges. Ideal for handling glass and sheet metal, too. With over 10” of stretch, the MS1ATA2X2.5 sleeve can be worn over clothing, yet it’s perfectly comfortable worn directly against the skin. Machine washable for countless repeat uses. Made in the USA. A top choice for the Construction industry as well as these applications: Public utilities, Metal fabrication, Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance manufacturing, Plastics and molding, Paper manufacturing.


Made with ATA® Technology
Available with or without a thumbhole
Available in any length
Made in the USA


Extreme comfort and fit
Machine washable
Cool and breathable




Metal fabrication
Paper manufacturing
Public utilities
Appliance manufacturing
Plastics and molding


Product Composition ATA®
Performance Application Cut/Abrasion Resistance
ANSI Cut Rating Level A4
Case Pack 200
Color Yellow


MS1ATA2X2.5-18 (T), MS1ATA2X2.5-22 (T), MS1ATA2X2.5-24 (T) MS1ATA2X2.5-26 (T)