PIONIR-ATA13ND Winter Work Gloves

NEW Foam Nitrile Coated

They’re coated. Cut resistant. And actually generate heat! Making PIONIR-ATAND-13 gloves ideal for working outdoors in cold conditions. High dexterity, thanks to ATA® Advanced Technology Armor. Delivering reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces via the foam nitrile palm coat. Then there’s our exclusive PIONIR™ fiber technology: Warming the gloves without heat packs or batteries. When exposed to Sun and certain indoor light, the glove fiber actually absorbs near infrared rays (NIR) and converts them into heat – increasing glove temperature by as much as 18 degrees F. And PIONIR gloves hold the heat, just like ordinary thermal gloves do. You can wash and reuse them again and again – PIONIR technology is permanent. 


13 gauge design
Wet and dry grip
Form fitting design conforms to the hand for a higher level of sensitivity
Made with ATA® Technology
Designed for dexterity and fingertip sensitivity
Reduces hand fatigue


Extreme comfort and fit
Excellent dexterity and sensitivity
Excellent wet/dry gripping surface
Machine washable
Increased Comfort in Cold Applications
Sure grip in oily applications


General labor
Package handling
Any small parts assembly
Low Temperature Applications
Cold Climate Work


Gauge 13
Product Composition ATA®
Performance Application Cold Environment
ANSI Cut Rating Level A2
Color Gray/Black