PIONIR-ATA10 Winter Work Gloves

New: Gloves That Heat Up!

Now cold work doesn’t have to mean cold hands. Introducing PioNIR gloves: With the power to warm your hands using near infrared (NIR) technology.

New ATA® brand PioNIR gloves are the first cold weather work gloves that actually heat up by as much as 18 degrees without the use of bulky batteries or heat packs! Simply wear them in the presence of the invisible, near infrared rays generated by the Sun and certain indoor lighting. The unique new fiber we knit into PioNIR gloves absorbs the NIR energy and converts it into heat. You’ll feel a noticeable difference in the warmth of the gloves.

The PIONIR-ATA10 gloves shown here may turn out to be your best winter work gloves! As a midweight glove, this 10 gauge style provides protection against the wind along with good manual dexterity. Plus they’re cut resistant, scoring an ANSI level A3 for cut protection.

Like ordinary thermal work gloves, PioNIR gloves use hollow core fiber to provide great thermal insulation. But PIONIR-ATA10 gloves do more – adding both warmth and a layer of cut resistance.

Your PioNIR gloves will last through many work and wash cycles – the NIR technology lasts for the life of the glove. These cut resistant, warm work gloves are made in the USA by Worldwide Protective Products.


10 gauge design
Medium Weight
Made with ATA® Technology
Made in the USA


Long lasting / durable
Conforming fit maximizes comfort
Machine washable
Increased Comfort in Cold Applications
High Dexterity
Darker color hides dirt and soiling


Small - XL


Glass handling
Public utilities
General labor
Package handling
Low Temperature Applications


Weight Medium Weight
Gauge 10
Product Composition ATA®
Performance Application Heat/Cold/Cut/Abrasion Resistance Glove
ANSI Cut Rating Level A3
Case Pack 24 Dz.
Color Gray