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Worldwide Protective Products, formerly Manzella Worldwide, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hand & body protection. Worldwide has been in the industry for over 25 years and produces the most diverse line of hand protection products available today in the global glove market. Along with being the largest producers of innovative sleeves / arm protection, and most recently adding the new operations of producing protective garments, you have a more diverse selection of knitted protection to offer your customers.

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With state of the art knitting, sewing, and coating facilities in both the United States and abroad, Worldwide Protective Products possesses the ability to respond immediately to your most specialized product request or custom order while maintaining efficiency and cost control. We have an uncompromised commitment to our U.S. manufacturing facilities, which are operated by the most experienced and skilled workforce in the industry. This combined with the knowledge and expertise of our sales force ensures that we provide the best protection and cost savings for any of your customers’ needs in industries such as Food Processing, Automotive, Construction, Metal Fabrication, Glass Handling, Steel Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Utilities, Appliance Manufacturing, Aerospace, etc. Hard-working, professional hands are always at risk. A split-second distraction can turn a day’s work into a disaster. Worldwide Protective Products has proven success by drastically reducing these occurrences with some of the leading businesses in our country who use our products.


“ To supply the most innovative and cost-efficient safety product solutions available in a manner that provides value to our channel partners and is consistent with the character of our founders and employees. “


In 2019, Worldwide Protective Products joined the PIP Global Family, leaders in hand protection and general safety products. More information on PIP is available at