Claw Cover

MS10ATA/PE7BL-EW – ANSI A7 Cut Protection, Wide Fit

The Claw Cover® MSATA/PE7BL sleeve provides ANSI A7 cut protection in a choice of widths to fit comfortably on almost any size arm. New color coding makes it easy to choose the right size and the appropriate cut resistance level. With -EW at the end of the product number and Green elastic at the wrist, this sleeve is Wide width for larger arms.

  • Color coding at the wrist indicates the sleeve size: red for Narrow, yellow for Standard, green for Wide
  • Overedge color at the sleeve top and bottom indicates the cut score; Navy blue overedge for ANSI A7
  • ANSI 4 abrasion resistance delivers long wear life and excellent value
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR and appropriate for food manufacturing and processing
  • Machine washable for repeat use
  • Made in the USA

18 inches




Claw Cover

End Use Market

Food Processing, Food Service


Heather Blue


High Performance Fiber Blend

ANSI Cut Level


ANSI Abrasion Rating


Product Care

Machine Wash, Dry Clean

Country of Origin

United States

Product Spec Sheet